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Headshot of Kayla

Hey, I'm Kayla

   I am a mother of one from Texas, now living in Georgia. I've always had an attraction towards weddings and love. 

   I can not survive without my weekly planner and to-do lists. I'm that friend that needs to know ALL the details for simply going out to dinner. Ever since I can remember, I was planning out everything out on paper! Detailed Christmas lists to give to my mom, planning fake themed parties (You should have seen the way I created a floor plan and a spreadsheet for my food tables at my Sweet 16!), and having a account at way too young of an age, so I could plan weddings. Either I was crazy, or destined for a career in event planning. 

   Seeing how happy and in love a couple is after I help make their wedding day as perfect as possible, is something I would like to experience for as long as I can!

  With my business, I focus on client connections and having fun. There are so many options for new traditions to add to your wedding to make it personal and celebrate you as a couple!

Some of my favorite things

- trips to Disney World before Christmas with my daughter

- sipping hot tea and reading fantasy books

- shopping for seasonal soaps and candles at Bath & Body Works

- mindlessly walking around Target for hours

- binging tv shows with a glass of cheap moscato


caught in the action

Ceremony re-cap with a bride

Making relationships with vendors

Prepping the sweetheart table

I consider myself an expert at boutonniere pinning! 

Kayla getting dinner plates set for the couple
Placing a boutonniere on a family member
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